About Me 

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I was born and raised in West Virginia in a Navy family. My husband also served in the Air Force for 10 years. 
I have spent my life helping families with disabilities, volunteering in grassroots initiatives and serving in a legal capacity to litigate as a qualified non-attorney advocate for disabled individuals under certain purviews and as an independent contractor for families with disabled children. 

I have sought to serve my community by volunteering for local Fire Departments, as an EMS worker and at the Duncan Regional Hospital ER here in Oklahoma. I also worked on the Disaster Assessment team for the Muriah Building Bombing in OKC.
Aside from my work in the communities I have lived in across the Nation, I have had the privilege of being a stay at home wife and mom and have been actively involved in speaking up for parental rights in the Education system.

After moving to Oklahoma in 2010 and later to Duncan in 2018, I quickly learned about the “good old boy” politics, the political swamp we have here in Oklahoma. However, this never prevented me from taking action, questioning leadership, and speaking the truth. I took advantage of a public forum to inform the public that the city council members went outside their scope by imposing their will upon the people by way of a mask mandate and quoted a city council member which contributed to her losing the mayor race. 

January 2021, I paid out of my pocket to provide venues with guest speakers such as Oklahoma Senator Nathan Dahm, House Representative Jim Olsen and others.
February 2021, founded Love My Liberties, a community grassroots organization founded on the principle that Oklahomans have joint ownership of their communities and a responsibility to protect our individual liberties, rights, family, life, church, education, work and be self-reliant. This includes working with our legislators and providing venues for community members to share on issues and legislation that impact us.

I am ready to take a stand and serve my family, community and State in a new capacity and represent YOU in the Oklahoma State House of Representatives. The time has come for proactive leadership and to push back against the aggressive agenda sweeping this nation!